About Barbara Radner

Through programs involving teachers, parents, and the community, as well as funding from local and national organizations, Barbara Radner has developed numerous educational outlets.

The Polk Bros. Foundation, located in Chicago, Illinois, offers grants for programs aimed at offering basic human services, health care, and education to the less fortunate. Barbara Radner and the Center for Urban Education have teamed up with the Polk Bros. Foundation to create a project to provide teachers and parents with access to curriculum guides, assessment tools, and guides for community involvement. In her position, Barbara Radner maintains a stockpile of applicable educational resources for grades four to eight.

Utilizing funds from the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, Barbara Radner has developed an ongoing education program for math teachers to improve student test scores. Offering four graduate level courses and in-class execution assistance, Barbara Radner aspires to improve the educational process, beginning with the educators themselves.

In an effort to incorporate American art into curriculums such as English and social studies, Barbara Radner and the Center for Urban Education have partnered with the Terra Foundation for American Art. Focusing on middle school and high school levels, Barbara Radner and participating educators are in the midst of a three-year project. Currently providing programs for 30 public elementary and high schools in Chicago, the Center for Urban Education has been supporting local schools in its current form since 1990.


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